How Does Music Add Value to Your Wedding Day?

As a bride-to-be there are a million details to consider right? Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

Take a deep breath and know that it is going to be an amazing day. In fact, put on a song, have a dance party and let off some steam. Do you know how I know it will be amazing?

I know because you are marrying the person you love and when that day actually arrives all that matters is the two of you. I know because I have been in your shoes and let me tell you, (as a former event planner) I was a hard core planner. I am very detail oriented and organized so much that the minister made a joke about it during the ceremony (which thankfully was caught on video because it reminds me every time I watch it that I am a detailed kinda girl).

What I am not really is a music gal. I love my classical music from my days as a ballet dancer and I love to move and groove to all of the latest hits on the radio…but please do not ask me the names of the artists or songs (except Katy Perry – I love her). That is not my strength, passion or area of expertise. I am not the “phone a friend’ person for this topic. But who I am is a person moved by a well written song. A song that connects with my heart.

Of course for the big day we had organised the song for our first dance and the dance for me with my Dad and my hubby with his mom. I also had songs organized for each of the wedding party couples as they entered to go to the head table. Detailed right? Most people do this now-a-days.

What I didn’t plan, that still moves me to my core is the music that was playing in the limo ride that my bridesmaids and I took from my home town (1 hour away) from where we were getting married. Its funny how that music is one of the few things I remember from that very busy, very chaotic and most amazing day.

I can still feel the excitement and the emotions I was feeling as we drove closer and closer to the church and the song that came on was “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” (from Dirty Dancing). The rush of emotions (I’m a crier) as all of the gals and I sang this song together and I just kept thinking… “I’m getting married, I have to remember this moment, This is amazing” over and over and over. It was a moment when I was surrounded by some of the most important people in my life and I was about to take one of the biggest steps I would ever take. What a rush.

Every time that song plays now, almost 9 years later I am overcome with emotion. I am back in that dress, in that limo, with those gals, seeing the buildings on Weber St rush past as the church came into view.

Sometimes the unplanned and unexpected moments, like this one for me has a huge impact. If I had known that song was coming on, I am not sure it would have been as powerful for me. To this day I am not sure if it was one of my gals or the limo driver who had that amazing playlist. What I do know is that when the big day arrives I encourage you to just live it. Just take it in and breath every moment.

When it came to picking out our wedding song, because neither of us were big into music, we didn’t really put a ton of thought into it. My hubby suggested a song that was popular in the few months leading up to the wedding and I thought it was cute, fun, romantic and not too long. We didn’t really have any deep connection to it, but now when I hear it, I crank it up and tell our kids multiple times how we danced around the dance floor, me in my princess dress and daddy looking all spiffy and I re-live that moment as well.

For a girl who isn’t really big into music, it’s interesting that what reminds me of one of the biggest days of my life is the music. So this is my advice to you brides-to-be who are stressing and freaking over the details. Enjoy it. Try really hard to enjoy it. Because the wedding day will fly by and many of the details that may be causing you a lot of stress now will be things that no one remembers – even you!!

So how does music add value on your big day? If it isn’t obvious by now, it’s because it evokes emotion. It brings back those powerful feelings and memories. Just as tasting a piece of cake might trigger a memory for some, hearing those songs I mentioned takes me right back to 2008. Right now you are at the beginning of your life as a wife. You are walking closer and closer to the alter. But trust me when I say that, days months and weeks will pass after your big day and the thought of the wedding will come more and more sporadically as life takes new turns. Music adds value for your big day because it triggers that memory so vividly that you get to re-live it any time that song plays.

So why I am I sharing this with you, when I am here to support you in feeling absolutely radiant and healthy for the big day and beyond? It’s because managing your stress now is important for your health and vitality. Providing you with perspective that what you will remember are the feelings you will experience throughout the day. Those feelings will be triggered by things like songs, places (where you got photos taken perhaps), or even the ONE wedding photo hanging in your house. It is a big day, an important day, but do yourself a favour and enjoy the journey, dance like everyone is watching and sing like you are the star of the show – because you are!