Wedding Couples You Are Worth It

We are all about self-worth, self-love and the plea to recognise where you are at so you can step into the light of your incredible, radiant beauty as a woman.

Let’s be really honest right from the start.

Are you someone who puts everyone’s needs ahead of your own?

Are you often seen as motherly, maternal, or extremely thoughtful?

These are extremely wonderful qualities, please recognize that.

In my experience however, these qualities are often (not always, but often) found in individuals whose own self-worth might be lower. And much of the time, these individuals don’t even recognize this issue.

I know this because I was this person for most of my life.

I can relate to going above and beyond for everyone else, all of the time. I can relate to putting my own needs at the absolute bottom of the totem pole and I always disguised this as my desire to love, care for, help and serve others.

These qualities are all necessary in life and great qualities to have, and I am grateful to be a person who cares deeply for others, but I have come to truly realize that my own worth and self-care doesn’t have to come at the expense of other’s needs. I need to love myself as well. Just as you do.

Can you relate to this?

Perhaps if you have never stopped to reflect on this point, you may be feeling some resistance to this opinion. That is ok. It may or may not apply to you. It may apply to someone you know, and is simply my opinion and experience. However, I have seen this on countless occasions. Sit with this thought for a while and reflect for yourself on the following:

> Am I making breakfast, lunch, dinner for everyone else around me, and often forgetting to feed myself? Or choosing less then quality options because ‘those options’ are for others whose health is worth more than mine/more important than mine?

> Am I overscheduled, overbooked, running myself ragged with the thought that ‘everyone needs me’, when in reality I could be of more service if I chose a few less things and took better care of myself?

>Am I taking care of my own physical needs as I should or are things like showering, eating, grooming, physical activity, time for relaxation etc taking a back seat because I am so busy serving and helping others?

> Do I feel I am worthy of personal time so I can rejuvenate?

> Is my health and physical wellbeing worth investing in with time, energy and money? Or am I not worth those things?

How do these questions make you feel?

What I have come to realize is that I am worthy of everything I desire, just as you are.

I am worth taking care of because I want to lead a long and healthy life. I am worth feeling healthy, happy and vibrant, because when I am in this state I am truly a better person in all aspects of my life and can be of real service to others.

All too often I hear women say that they are unsure or uncomfortable spending money or time on health or wellness related experiences (like gym memberships, running club fees, yoga classes) or health products, when they have no problem spending the money on other areas that do not relate to their self-care, which in my opinion is directly linked to their level of self-worth and self-love and a huge red flag.

I always think, isn’t that interesting. If only she knew she was worth it. If only she knew that taking care of herself in all manners of wellness is a greater gift then all of the gifts she can give to those around her. Because we all know that when we are feeling good in mind, body and spirit we can share that optimal self with those around us.

But for some reason we have been taught to second guess our own worth. I don’t know when this happens.

I just know that when individuals realize that they are worth investing time, energy and money in, the benefits are astronomical and the growth is extraordinary.

This ties greatly into improving the loving relationship you have with yourself. It is a factor in why the RHB program was created.

I wanted to encourage all brides-to-be to consider, reflect on, remember and embrace their need for self-love. It is my sincere belief that when we truly love ourselves and can be at peace with who we are more and more, we can really love those around us, we can be a Radiant Wife! When we stop comparing and criticizing ourselves (skills taught to us every single day through media), we can be more loving to ourselves and in turn more loving to those around us.

Our level of self-love is directly linked to our level of self-worth in my opinion. The challenge is to help individuals to realize that these two areas are in need of constant practice. We must care for ourselves like we care for others. Our talents of service, must not only be for others.

Some might feel as though this feels awkward. It will be at first as you transition to a place of greater self-love and self-worth. Some might feel as though I am encouraging you to be self-centred. This is not my intention. It is my sincere belief that a person can have great self-love and understand their own self-worth deeply, without becoming focused only on themselves. It is the opposite in fact.

I believe a person who is happy and content with themselves, showing greater self-love through personal care and personal time has more space, time and love in their life to give to others because they aren’t wasting their time worrying about what others think (as often) and are not caught up in the comparison game (as often). This is a process of practice.

Where is your level of self-love today? Where is your level of self-worth?

Can these be improved? In this program, we dive into some amazing reflection exercises to help you strengthen these areas.

Step up for yourself today, because you are worthy. We all are.

Sending you radiant love and health,